Address: 449 North Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, US
Phone: 310 278 7565

Aida Thibiant Spa boasts the name of a renowned skin guru who has been in the beauty business for fifty years, earning the nickname “the face saver to the stars.” Indeed everyone from Hayden Panettiere to Rod Stewart has been poked, scrubbed, and pampered at this spa, which the LA Times describes as “at once homey and luxurious.” Thibiants methods are highly individualized and are prescribed according to each customer’s particular environment, lifestyle, even her emotions. The staff is known for pioneering a tough love approach that emphasizes aggressive treatments and straight talking. For the many clients who can’t get enough, the spa also makes its own line of superlative products.

Nichola Hunt

Cocktail aficionado. Large dog breed lover. Fondness of summer dresses. Hater of pickles. Born in London, based in Bali.

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