A Sip and See is the Best Baby Shower Idea Out There!

An elaborate gift-opening circle, silly games and all eyes on you (not to mention no booze for you)–what do these things share in common? Why, they’re the makings of a baby shower!

For many women, a baby shower ranks high on the must-do list, but for others, the thought of being in the limelight, forced to make excited exclamations over onesies and baby rattles while guests sit around sipping Mimosas and ooohing and aahing as if on command doesn’t sound like much fun. Some expectant mothers would rather pass on the tradition altogether.

Here’s where the sip n’ see comes into play. The tradition originated in the South, where folks come over to “sip” punch and “see” something: a visiting relative in town, a newly engaged couple, a baby!

For the new mom and dad, the sip n’ see holds many advantages over a traditional baby shower. Mom gets to hang back and chat with friends and family while the new bundle gets passed around.

While most guests will arrive with gifts for the new family member, or special presents to treat the new mother, a registry is often not a part of this gathering. Parents of the baby can plan the party themselves or receive help from loved ones, but regardless of who holds the planning reins, it’s typically a more laid-back affair, carried out on mom’s terms. That’s a major benefit of this southernly tradition for the new mom and dad–letting people meet their new son or daughter when they want, how they want. No unexpected drop-ins from neighbors, no long afternoons of hosting a different person each hour, no fielding phone calls from curious, well-meaning pals.