A New Year’s Resolution Guaranteed to Make You & the Kids Happier

Few things in life can contribute to overall happiness as doing things you love and being around people who care. So while it’s wonderful to have more altruistic New Year’s resolutions on your list, remember that having a flatter tummy or saving more of your hard-earned cash each month can certainly have an important impact on your well-being, but for a more completely blissful existence on a daily basis, consider one mom’s excellent resolution and make it your own.

“My New Year’s resolution is to spend as much time with my daughter as I possibly can,” says Siri Garber, president of Platform Public Relations. “I am arranging everything I do in my life–both work and personal–around making time for her. I feel it’s so important at this early stage to see everything and watch her grow and develop into a beautiful little person. I have to go to Sundance Film Festival with clients for one week, and it’s already killing me. My goal is to have this be the only trip away from her in 2014!”

Don’t forget to make those moments count with real quality time and make others around you feel good. The effect is contagious. The Baby Shopaholic blogger Trina Small’s resolution is to do just that. “My goal for the new year is to spread more love and encouragement to my family and friends. Even if it’s just telling them I love them and I’m proud of them.”