A Healthy Lunch Tops Our “Back-to-School Essentials” List

Summer went by like a lightening bolt this year and once again, it’s time to ship the kiddos back to the classroom. We’ve all made our lists for their back-to-school essentials, but it’s important to remember what goes into their growing bodies is just as important as what goes into their growing minds.


“The most important thing for me is a healthy lunch, including at least one element of brain food for my little thinkers, like eggs, olive oil or spinach, for example,” says Tina Fanelli Moraccini, co-founder of Piccolo Chef. “I also include some sort of healthy treat, as long as it’s organic, or at the very least non-GMO, like the gummy worms at Whole Foods.”


And if you want to get extra credit for packing the perfect lunch, be sure to include a little love from mom. “The girls get a kick out of my lunch box notes. You can include encouraging words if there’s a test, a note that’s just a reminder of how much you love them or sometimes a story that will last a week or two with just a few short sentences each day,” says Tina. “It only takes a sec, and if you keep Post-It notes and colored pens in the kitchen where you prepare the lunches, it’s much easier.”