A Genius 4-Minute Makeup Routine For Busy Mom

Ironic as it may be, we spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to save time. But can you blame us? With our very full lives, we all want to spend less time doing the things we have to do and more time doing those we want to do. If you’re anything like me, sitting for ages in front of the mirror to apply makeup ranks just under reviewing my bank statements on the list of things I want to be doing.

Los Angeles-based designer and singer/songwriter mom, Anine Bing, offers up a fantastic four-minute makeup routine on her fantastic blog.  We love the way the former model mom makes her makeup application look incredibly easy–kind of in the effortless-but-impressive way an Olympic figure skater makes triple-toe-loops look easy (only we’re pretty sure this really is easier than a triple-toe-loop, which is a good thing for us!).

Here are her basic steps, which you can check out in her video, below:

1) Start with a clean surface.
2) Add eye cream – make sure to pad it in gently and cover all areas around the eyes.
3) Apply your favorite serum- It will even out the skin and give you that moisturizing boost.
4) Continue with a light foundation. I sometimes mix in a tinted moisturizer to get an extra glow
5) Take a tiny bit of cream blush on your cheeks. My favorite is to use one with a peachy color that gives you a natural but fresh look.
6) I also put some regular blush on the cheekbones.
7) I use the same brush for my bronzing powder. It will give you a sun kissed look
8) I use a soft black eye pen on the inside of my upper and lower eye water line. It will give a natural intense and smokey eye
9) Apply black mascara on upper and lower eye lashes
10) Last but not least –  add a natural lipstick or gloss to your lips and you’re ready to go!