A Cheery Springtime Art Project That Mixes Media, Art and Learning

There’s always something for kids to learn when they take on an art project. And creating a mixed-media craft is like several lessons rolled into one. The use of different materials, shapes, and patterns–and the range of skills required–is great for kids of various ages.

We’re particularly loving a happy, spring-y, mixed media art project that Hello, Wonderful founder, Agnes Hsu recently took on with her kids, aged 2 and 5 years. The kids each got to participate and work on their age-varying skills; the older child focused on tasks that help develop fine motor skills and creativity, and Hsu’s two-year-old tot worked on his counting, colors, and shapes. Most importantly, it seems like they had a great time doing it! All mom had to do was pull together a few basic supplies laying around in her craft drawers and helping them come up with a concept that was in line with a springtime scene.

Click over to Hello, Wonderful for the full tutorial. The result is worthy of display on just about any wall in the house!