A Basketball-Themed Birthday Party is What Hoop Dreams Are Made Of

Like most boys who are “five-and-three-quarters,” my son Lucas is fixated with professional sports. He loves basketball and was thrilled when I took him to his first Miami Heat game last year. So it came as no surprise when he told me he wanted a basketball birthday party to celebrate his 6th birthday.

Lucas loved the pizza-making surprise party his father and I hosted at Soho Beach House in Miami. This year, we decided on a celebration at the Soho House in Los Angeles with a movie screening, pizza making with the chef, and a basketball theme for décor.

Lucas loved picking out press-on nails and rock candy Lipgloss for the girls from Dylan’s Candy Bar’s new Candy Girl Collection, and the boys took home jerseys they made themselves.

As I do every year, I try to renew Lucas’ love of charity by encouraging him to donate half of his gifts to children who are less fortunate.