9 Gorgeous Beaches You’ve Never Heard Of

Let’s face it: A beach vacation is a good vacation. We love beaches in the summer of course, with a cold cocktail, a group of friends and the blazing sun. But we can also appreciate a walk on a desolate stretch of sand in the fall, or searching for shells on an island beach as spring approaches.

No matter the season, the best kind of beach is one that isn’t crowded. We’ve searched high and low for under-the-radar spots that deserve a visit. Not all of these are warm-weather escapes with soft waves and palm trees, but they are all beautiful places where you can stare at the horizon, enjoy a long walk with the family, spot some wildlife or just spend an hour enjoying the salt air while reading a good book.

We know there are many, many, many more that could be added to this list, so share your favorite sandy spots in the comments. If you prefer to keep your favorite undiscovered beach a secret, we understand completely.