9 Classic Cocktails That Pay Homage to the Oscar Nominees for Best Picture

When throwing an Oscar-viewing party, there are a couple of key considerations. At the top of the list is what cocktail you’re going to serve your guests. While wine will never go out of style, and beer can be good to round things out, providing party-goers with a full bar is probably more trouble than its worth. You’ll inevitably forget a mixer or a garnish, and if you offer your friends too many choices, no one’ll know what to drink!

Better to plan ahead, which is not to say, play it safe. Encourage your guests to contribute to the food spread, but take the reins on the party’s imbibing movement and throw an incredible gathering that heeds the evening’s theme without being kitschy.

This year, nine films were nominated for Best Picture, and not only are they all deserving of the honor (even if we do have our favorites), but they are also deserving of a special drink pairing. Each picture is so different from the next that it would be a pity to suggest a one-cocktail-fits-all scenario. Plus, that’d be the boring route, and we know you want to be remembered for throwing the party of the year.

Our creative list mostly plays with standards and classics–why mess with perfection? Our recommendation: pick your top two or three movies (or have your invitees vote when they RSVP), round up the ingredients, including appropriate glassware, and invite your pals over to eye the red carpet looks.