6 Gorgeous, Outside-the-Box Easter Egg Ideas

I first boiled the eggs in water with a splash of vinegar to remove the wax coating on the eggs. I then painted most of the egg with black acrylic paint, making sure to keep my fingertips at the top and bottom of the egg to hold it steady. I dried the wet paint with a blow dryer to speed things along. You might need to touch up the top and the bottom of the egg.

I drew a heart lightly with pencil and painted it in with glue. While the glue was still wet, I sprinkled on the pink glitter. It’s my favorite!

This is another favorite: I splattered so much paint around my kitchen to achieve this look. Jackson Pollock would have been proud. I found using toothbrushes gave the best results. This is my kid’s favorite Easter egg decoration by far.

I created this simple striped look by using black nail polish. Worked great!

Last is the star of the pack. Without measuring, I placed dots around the egg using puff paint. Just when the dot was about to dry, I poked the puff paint top to give the bubble a sharp-like point and create a dramatic effect. I had to put it centerstage.

Happy Easter! Next week I’ll be showing you a few tricks to making natural Easter eggs. Until then.

6 Gorgeous, Outside-the-Box Easter Egg Ideas

We’ve got some great Easter egg ideas for you. Last Halloween, these punk rock pumpkins were such a hit that I decided to do the same thing with Easter egg decorations. It’s certainly a dramatic alternative to the pastel colors that pop up everywhere this time of year—but hey, punk eggs sure are a ton of fun and making them is the perfect activity to do with kids on a rainy spring day. I didn’t even use a paintbrush! Instead, I used my fingers to apply the black paint. It was messy and the paint got on my camera and my pants, but it was worth it. These eggs—while not edible—are quite the sight. Check out the slideshow for tips on how to create a few punk rock Easter egg decorations. Rock on!