6 Genius Storybook Recipes You Can Make With Your Kids

There is something magical about A Pot Full of Stories, my favorite class at our cooking school for kids in Southern California, Piccolo Chef. We combed the bookstores for the most fun, food-related books for children and then created recipes around them to present to our parent-and-me activity courses for the three-to-five set.

Some of my greatest memories are cooking with my little girls when they were just toddlers. It’s the moment to catch them while they are curious and still forming their palates. It’s also a great way to bring them into the kitchen with you and create wonderful memories together.

But, if you don’t live in Los Angeles, the fundamentals are easily replicated at home. You can start by reading the book and then transform it into a culinary learning experience by making the recipe together, just like we do at Piccolo Chef!

Click through the slideshow to see our pairings of kids’ books and recipes to make with your little ones.