5 Tips for An Organized Home this Year


The kitchen and its contents can be divided into three categories; prepping, cooking, and serving. Find the logical area for each and store corresponding items near that area. Tip: Store infrequently used items on higher shelves (except for heavy appliances: keep them in lower cabinets for easy access). Take advantage of adjustable shelving—it’s worth the time it takes to make things easier to reach.


If there is one room in your home that you shouldn’t let become the ‘dumping ground,’ it’s the bedroom. Keep visual clutter to a minimum with a closed nightstand—or even better, a low dresser so you can easily toss your lotion, books, or phone inside (or whatever you need by the bed). If you have an open nightstand, get a basket or deep tray to keep things tidy.


Think about how you use this room, then divide it into areas accordingly. For example: home office, kids’ play area, etc. Think of a kindergarden classroom that has distinct zones for activities, and store whatever is related to that activity in that zone.


Make sure your children edit their things at least twice a year (I suggest before their birthday and after thanksgiving). Get someone else to do it with them, like a friend or a professional organizer. Believe me, kids can and will organize if you frame the activity for them well, which sometimes means not doing it with mom!

Closet 0


For those living in a seasonal climate, removing out-of-season clothes from the closet is a no-brainer. Some of your wardrobe might be wearable all-year round, but there’s no reason to be staring at a white linen skirt in the middle of December. Swapping clothes for seasons reacquaints you with what you have, and gives you time to literally clean your closet: wipe down the shelves, floor, walls and baseboards, and vacuum thoroughly. You’ll have more room, and who doesn’t need that? Group the remaining items by type: tops, pants, skirts, etc., and think about separating your work clothes from your casual clothes. Voila! A beautiful closet.

5 Tips for An Organized Home this Year

Hooray for the new year! It’s one of my favorite times to make new goals and start fresh—although you wouldn’t know it if you looked at my apartment. The tops of my dressers are messy, I can’t see the floor in my kid’s room, and my small kitchen is crammed with pots and pans. I’m in definite need of some organizational inspiration, so I sought out professional organizer Laura Cattano. Every room in my apartment needs a little work so I asked her to advise on all areas, and her ideas were fabulous!