5 Recommended Things to Do When at the Spa or Having a Beauty Treatment

5 Recommended Things to Do When at the Spa or Having a Beauty Treatment

We’ve all been at the beauty salon, hairdresser, or spa and either had a long wait before the treatment or time to kill between treatments. Here are a few ideas to keep yourself entertained should you have any downtime when having a facial, spa treatment, or pamper day.

Ensure That You Relax

The number one thing to do is to relax. This should be obvious, and depending on how long the treatment is and what it is, you may be able to catch a power nap or even rest a little longer. Relaxation should be top of the list of what to do, so the first suggestion is to just lie back and relax. Whether during the actual treatment or after, make sure that you’re comfortable and as relaxed as possible. Have some relaxing music of your own, as sometimes the music at the salon or spa isn’t exactly to your taste.


Only once you’ve had your fill of relaxation should you then look at the other suggestions herein. Having a book or an e-reader will provide a relaxing activity that has the potential to take you to an entirely different place. Take along your favorite novel and simply read away the waiting times.

Game/Online Casino

Having your mobile phone with you is always a great means of entertainment and will help you to use any time that you must wait. Rather than the usual social media and Instagram, have a go at the online casino. Places like stellar spins online casino will provide exciting entertainment with a little bit of flair and glamour that will suit the mood.

Catch Up on Your Life Planning

Do some thinking and mental planning/self-evaluation of your current life plan. Where are you, how are things going, and is there a need for any additional self-care? It’s some time to spend on yourself, so make it a little more productive by thinking about just you and your plans.

Catch Up with an Old Friend

Keep in mind that having a full-blown conversation in public or at the actual salon or spa may be a little annoying for others, so keep it via text or the occasional short voice note. However, getting in touch with an old friend is a great way to pass the time and feel good about yourself. Maintaining relationships is vital for your health and well-being, so look at this as part and parcel of the spa day or wellness session.

These are 5 simple things to keep in mind and to try when next you’re at the hairdresser or beauty salon and have any time to wait and don’t want to catch up on all the gossip. Ensure that you also have something to drink to remain hydrated at all times and perhaps even a small healthy snack may be in order. Most of all, just have a fun time and enjoy yourself. You’ve earned it.