5 Low-Calorie Cocktails for This Very Hot Weekend

When the weather climbs up over 85, we rely on an icy drink to keep us cool. Should said icy drink contain alcohol, all the better. But alcoholic drinks, with their mixes and sodas and cherries on top, can really up your caloric intake.

Enter our favorite low-calorie cocktails. From a 25-calorie cosmo to a margarita that doesn’t count as a meal, these drinks help you unwind without unravelling your diet.

Guilt-Free Mojito by FitSugar

2 margarita 636

Magical Margarita by Hungy Girl

3 cosmo 636

The 25 Calorie Cosmo by My Chic Life

4 sangria2 636

Louisville Sangria by Shape

5 rasp bellini 636

Raspberry Bellini by PopSugar Fitness