12 Ways to Make His Father’s Day One For The Books

OK, there’s no one-size-fits-all list when it comes to what will make a man’s Father’s Day complete. Maybe the patriarch in your life is an former running back who just wants to toss around the pigskin with his kids. Or perhaps he spends the majority of his time grinding at the office, and just wants a day without hassles, handyman duty or proper pants.

Ultimately, the common thread between every great Father’s Day is a gift (tangible or no) that’s thoughtful and reflects a true understanding of your brood’s leading man. Come June 15, make sure the pressure’s off. Let him sleep in as late as he likes. Focus on time together as a family. Hard as it is, extract yourself from your daily stresses and to-do list. Get a little gussied up on his behalf. Shower him in praise. Accompany him to his favorite sports event, even if you have to indulge in a little afternoon palliative to get through it. It’s his day.

When it comes to knowing what Dad truly wants, you’re the ultimate judge. However, we can offer some suggestions. Click through the slideshow above to see how 12 of our moms have made their main man’s Father’s Day one for the ages.