12 of the Best, Most Hilarious Tweets From Parents This Week

As is to be expected this time of year, our Twitter feed was flooded with ever-so-slightly disgruntled mom and dads lamenting our two least favorite things about late August. Care to hazard a guess as to what those were? Yep, that’s right. Last-minute vacations with the kiddos—most of which involved plane travel—and the dreaded task of back-to-school preparation.

And yet, our favorite quippy microbloggers kept it real in a way that made us (almost) wish we went along with them for the ride. Click through the slideshow above to commiserate, laugh and distract yourself from your own back-to-school woes. (We also threw some non-sequiturs in there that were too good to just let disappear into the Twitterverse.) And, if these don’t cut it, check out last week’s tweets and our Twitter at @ElizabethStMom for more of the same.