10 Paleo Valentine’s Day Recipes That Make Up for the Lack of Fondue

Although food holidays often present challenges to the cave couples out there abstaining from gluten, grains, and sugary treats, Valentine’s Day is no such occasion. Thanks to the clause in the Paleo manual that allows for dark chocolate, unprocessed honey, dried fruit, and even alcohol (in moderation), primal eaters can get just as wild as the rest of us on February 14. Plus, aphrodisiac foods have clearly been a “thing” since Adam and Eve got booted from the garden, because (supposedly) libido-boosting treats like oysters, lamb, arugula, chocolate, honey, red wine and chili peppers are all fair, caveman-friendly game.

OK, so you’ll have to skip the fondue, but there are tons of other indulgent and downright seductive options to choose from. Click through the slideshow above for ten Paleo Valentine’s Day recipes that had our mouths watering. Even non-warriors will love this lineup…nix the starch factor and there’s more room for dessert.