10 Must-Haves for Your Spring Nature Walk

Give your kids the supplies to discover wonderful spring treasures.

Finally! With tomorrow marking the first day of spring, kids will be ready to discover every new bud and critter coming out after a cold winter. And with the right supplies, they’ll discover treasures on your first nature walk of the season. Here are 10 items—from the perfect cargo vest from Cabela’s to butterfly nets to a region-specific bird book—to include in their supply kit. What are you looking forward to seeing this spring?

Cargo Vest: Let’s start with the basics. Instead of a bag to hold the supplies, why not store everything in a vest for easy access? We love this vest (especially the large zippered pouch in the back) from Cabela’s.

Butterfly nets: My kids tested these nets last summer with great success. Great quality, good price, and large enough to actually catch butterflies! We highly recommend these.

Binoculars: I love these binoculars from Land of Nod. Perfect for birding!

Large magnifying glass: I originally bought this magnifying glass for my kid’s Halloween costume, but I’ll have him use it again this spring to see critters up close.

Headlamp: Just in case the nature walk goes into the night, these headlamps will light the way home.

Data entry notebook: Don’t forget to bring some sharp pencils to take notes!

Pocket size bird book: To help kids know what to look for, we suggest finding a bird book specific to your region. This book is perfect for the Great Lakes region.

Containers to collect samples: We love these vintage tin cans to store any findings from the nature walk. Bonus: It fits perfectly in a kid-sized pocket.

Digital Recorder: Capturing the sounds of your nature walk will make kids notice animals they never heard before. A great way to make use of all the senses while out for a walk.

Disposable camera: Besides the excitement of capturing outdoor images, the anticipation of waiting for the film to develop will add to the adventure. A must-have to complete you nature kit.