10 All-Natural DIY Recipes For a Green Spring Clean

The transition from wiping salt-encrusted snow to grass-flecked mud off our floors means acknowledging the long-awaited change in weather. While we’re happy to wave goodbye to backbreaking shoveling and let in some much-needed fresh air, there is one little catch: spring comes hand-in-hand with full-on cleaning. Yes, it’s time to stop procrastinating, drag our butts off the couch and embark on our annual home cleansing.


However, before you reach for that chlorine-laden disinfectant, take heed. Though many people associate the smell of bleach with cleanliness, imagining the germs to be equally repelled by that powerful odor, don’t let your olfactory programming deceive you. That would-be reassuring whiff is actually laden with toxins. An emerging body of compelling research suggests the chlorine in bleach and its carcinogenic by-products are adversely affecting our health, as are many of the unsafe chemicals found in conventional cleaning products.


Fortunately, these insidious solutions aren’t the only means to an immaculate home…it is, in fact, easy being green. If you’re in a rush to get started, click here for a selection of green cleaners you can order online at any time. Otherwise, click through the slideshow above for 10 all-natural cleaning recipes using safe, natural, non-toxic ingredients that are probably sitting in your fridge and cabinet as we speak. The road to healthy housecleaning (regardless of the time of year) starts here.