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Why We Love Baby Eggi

Jan 31, 2012

Why We Love Baby Eggi

When it comes to dressing little ones, moms are often torn between wanting their children to look stylish and the fear of turning them into little hipster Barbie dolls. This is why brands like L.A.-based Baby Eggi are a real godsend. Adorable and, above all, comfortable, these pieces have been worn by the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker’s daughter Tabitha Hodge. Co-founded by one of our own L.A. moms, Jennifer Ahn-Newman, Baby Eggi offers great staples that kids will love to wear. We’re in love with the foldover leggings and soft dresses for girls and the great tees for boys.

If the polished clothes aren’t reason enough to turn you into a major fan, you should know that through the line’s Good Eggi program, 20% of net proceeds go to charity. In addition, if you shop online you get to choose which partnering non-profit organizations you would like to support with your purchase. —Ludovica Pellicioli