Upcoming summer concerts for kids in New York City

Summer is a time for open-air concerts, and not just for mom and dad. New York City offers a great lineup of shows for the little ones, many of which are free. From country music and bluegrass to hip-hop and rock n’ roll, there’s plenty of singing and dancing to be done. It helps that the bands interact with the kids and know how to show them a great time. Some of the most sought-after concerts include that of The Fuzzy Lemons, called “the juiciest family-friendly rock band on the scene.” Its members have produced such hits for the under-12 set as “Picnic With a Chicken,” and will perform in Albee Square, Brooklyn on August 9; visit the group’s website to view additional concert dates. There will also be an old-West style show put on by Astrograss on July 18 in Carroll Park, Brooklyn, as well as rock concerts that kids will go nuts over, like that of Princess Katie & Racer Steve (August 2nd in Madison Square Park). To close the season, the Deedle Deedle Dees, “America’s ultimate teaching band,” will play at The Stone in Manhattan on September 19

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