Ueno Zoo


Address: 9-83 Ueno Park , Tokyo , JP
Website: www.tokyo-zoo.net
Phone: +81 03 3828 5171

Ueno is the oldest zoo in Japan and home to over 2,600 animals of 464 different species. It also has a traditional Japanese touch, with a five-story Pagoda structure, a tea ceremony house from the 17th century, and, of course, beautiful Sakura trees. Wander the Gorilla Woods and Tiger Forest, or explore the Vivarium, which houses some of the world’s rarest reptiles and amphibians. To get truly up close and personal with the animals, visit the delightful petting zoo that’s home to an aye-aye, a unique lemur native to Madagascar. The zoo also sends a strong message about caring for endangered species, so while enjoying the wonderful creatures, your family will also learn about wildlife protection. A final tip: There are no parking lots close by, so you’re better off using public transportation.