Try This Genius DIY Idea For A Thomas the Train Birthday Party

All aboard! We’ve gone loco for locomotives after seeing this incredibly creative craft for a fun Thomas & Friends-themed birthday party. Part birthday activity, part costume, part party favor, it’s a multi-purpose DIY that really justifies the time it takes to create these cardboard train cars for your child’s special guests. We think this crafty idea is so good, it’s enough of a reason to justify throwing a Thomas the Train birthday party for your child just to see the huge kick both kids and parents will get from the finished product.

“The kids absolutely loved having their very own train to run around with. They also got to take one home as a special party keepsake!” says Agnes Hsu, whose good thinking inside the box resulted in this adorable birthday party idea for her three-year-old son.

Grab these simple materials, then head over to Hello, Wonderful to get the full tutorial and free printables:

– Spray paint (blue for Thomas and Gordon, green for Percy, and red for James)
– Cardboard boxes (these work well)
– 7″ Paper plates in red, blue, and green (you will need 6 plates per train)
– Black marker
– Twine
– Red and yellow electrical tape
– Glue
– Free printable faces (download them from the link below)