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Top Trends in Transportation Technology

Transportation has been essential for linking cultures, sharing knowledge, and developing successful societies since the dawn of civilization. Roads and bridges, for example, helped ancient Rome grow into an empire.  Those objectives remain the same now. Transportation allows us to move people and goods in the most efficient and safe manner possible. Engineers continue to develop new tools and technologies.

Let’s share with you some of the good examples of the recent engineering innovations that are doing the rounds.

Smart Bicycles

The first bicycle came into existence in 1817. Even though the base design is still somewhat standard, just like online baccarat games, engineers continue to experiment with new and trending designs and material. These include high-tech electronic controls.

A neuromorphic chip developed by Chinese researchers has enabled an autonomous bicycle to respond to voice commands. Hundreds of thousands of sensors are built into this chip, which help the bike recognize voice commands, avoid obstacles, and maintain balance.

However, constructing a more practical bike does not need to be that complicated. For example, a mechanical engineer, Ross Evans, founded Xtracycle to turn bikes into versatile cargo vehicles by adding a platform behind the rider that can be used to transport belongings, materials, and other objects.

Maglev Trains

There is a top and new train in China in the name of Maglev Trains. The train has been designed to carry passengers at a speed of up to 370 mph; this is 150mph faster than the world’s fastest passenger trains that are available right now.

The train, developed by the China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation, will employ electromagnets to levitate just above the track and generate forward propulsion, eliminating the friction produced by traditional trains’ metal wheels, as well as the wear and tear and associated maintenance costs.

Multi-Directional Elevators

The new system consists of multiple cabins that operate on an electromagnetic track, like best online casino games  rather than the traditional cabin moving up and down a vertical shaft. The cabins move up one shaft, travel horizontally, and descend another shaft, creating a continuous loop, using magnetic levitation principle.