These Top 10 Outdoor Crafts Are Creative, Gorgeous…& Messy

Summer is nearly here! With a brutal winter behind us, you (and the kids) may be itching for an excuse to get outside. Well, we’ve got ten excuses for you. Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to bring crafting out of doors. Many projects make a mess and require drying time and copious amounts of space. Instead of throwing newspaper on your kitchen table and turning a blind eye to paint drips on the floor, we suggest taking your projects to your backyard, lawn or driveway. Any outdoor space will do.

Spray painting, marbleizing, block printing, dyeing projects, and more DIYs and crafts for kids are so much more fun when thoughts of ruining your new carpet aren’t hindering your ability to get a little messy. Click above for our top 10 outdoor crafts that can (and should!) be done on lawn or pavement