The Trick to Finding the Best Eye Creams for You

Listen to your grandmother—one of the secrets to youthful skin at an older age is using eye cream in your 20s. “Eyes are often the first place people look and also the first to show signs of age—loss of fat, dull thinning skin, lines and discoloration,” says dermatologist Dr. MacGregor. “As the skin thins with age, darkness can also result from congestion in the veins around the eyes. There are some key ingredients to look for in eye creams that can help.” Dr. MacGregor walks us through finding an eye cream so you don’t wander down the beauty aisle.

Hyaluronic Acids and Ceramides
“Plumping ingredients draw water into the skin and instantly smooth lines and shadows,” says Dr. MacGregor. “Look for products with hyaluronic acid and/or ceramides, such as Vichy Laboratories Serum 10 Eyes and Lashes.” Other reasons she boasts about the product—it contains brighteners to illuminate the eyes and the ingredient Rhamnose that boosts collagen cell production. “Another great product—Neocutis Lumiere Biorestorative Eye Cream—combines hyaluronic acid to plump with caffeine to constrict blood vessels.”

“Antioxidants like vitamin C and E combat further sun damage, but also brighten dark circles and boost collagen production.” One of her favorites is La Roche Posay Redermic C Eyes which contains both hyaluronic acid and vitamin C to brighten and plump.