The No-Stretch Mark Pregnancy

Kelly Florio Kasouf on the launch of the Sophie and The City Caryle Hotel Program.

Finally! A pregnancy where I didn’t gain an absurd 56 pounds and was not on bed rest! A pregnancy where my husband didn’t find me soaking in a tub because “displacement of water makes me feel lighter!” I was pregnant with my third child—The Super Adventures of Sophie at the Carlyle: The Sophie Experience— but, for once, I could still fit into a gorgeous Peter Pilotto dress with ease.

Let me explain. Back in May 2012, I was hosting a tea party at Piccolini, my favorite chic kids’ boutique in Nolita, and I received an inquiry email from my website. The Carlyle Hotel, A Rosewood Resort, wanted to discuss a partnership with my teeny, six-month-old-brand. WHAT THE WHAT!?!?!

At the time, I was working diligently with my illustrator Judit on my second book. We were just in the preliminary stages of sketching out the Lulu Frost for Sophie and the City jewelry, and hadn’t found out that Oscar de la Renta was going to make an exclusive little girls’ dress inspired by Sophie. All we knew was that we loved writing about the 1920s and family history.

Nine months later, here I am walking on the gleaming black marble floors and enjoying the beautiful art deco chandeliers in the Carlyle Hotel’s lobby about to check out the fruits of my labor—a labor I enjoyed at that.

The stars aligned. Or maybe someone was watching over me. Regardless, it was an epic feeling. It will never compare to the first time I heard my kids breathe life into their lungs with a voracious scream, but it came close. After nine months of hard work creating partnerships, working on merchandise, and designing the most adorable “Sophie” tour of NYC, it was time to celebrate. My dream of creating a mini paradise for a little girl traveling to New York City was becoming a reality.

From cupcakes, to a fully loaded iPad to fine linens, custom dresses, and keepsake jewelry, The Super Adventures of Sophie at the Carlyle will be an experience the whole family can enjoy and one that I am hoping a no little girl will forget. The 11-year-old in me is now very jealous, but the mom in me is very proud.