Swimming Pool Problems

Many moms and their children have a lot to look forward to during the summer season—no school and vacation days are probably the two most pertinent priorities filling one’s mind. But when thinking about spending days sitting by Inspiration Homes Swimming Pool Design pool without a care in the world, moms might want to be a bit more cautious. The hot summer heat may make you and your children want to jump into the pool but, upon closer examination, certain things are unpleasant enough to prevent your impending cannonball.

Sure, most public pools are chlorinated, lending moms the notion that their children are safe from germs. But in a recent repost by Time Magazine, there may be a few things that resist chlorine’s cleaning power.

“Chlorine is supposed to take care of most of the microbes floating around in pools, but human waste, it seems, is stubbornly resistant to being sanitized,” Time reports.

Yikes is the first the thing that came to our mind upon reading this piece of news, and we are sure that you agree. Of course no one intends to do such a thing in a pool—especially if it is a public one—but some youngsters may not have the aptitude to control certain urges.

In the same article, Time gives a few suggestions for moms looking to avoid the embarrassment of having your child, well, you know, in the water.