Summer Safety: Five Tips for the Beach

From sun safety to beach and boat safety, Dr. JJ of MD Moms gives us more tips on achieving an injury-free summer.

Spending time at the beach is magical—by far the most popular way to enjoy summertime with our families and get away from it all. When heading to the beach with the little ones, it’s important to keep in mind some safety tips in mind. Follow these beach safety, sun safety and boating safety essentials so that everyone can have their fun in the sun!

1. Make sure that those driving boats are experienced, and are sober. Especially if boating out in the open ocean, make sure you have capability of phoning ashore in the event of emergency, and that lifeboats and signaling devices are working. Each and every child should have a well-fit life vest on at all times whether in still or active waters. All adults should know how to swim, and if not, should also wear life vests. If houseboating, never swim or hover in the rear of the boat where carbon monoxide can accumulate below deck—this increases the risck of drowning.

2. When bicycling, all children and adults should wear helmets, and make sure all helmets are buckled securely. Use approved bike paths—teach good driving habits early!

3. Bring plenty of water to stay hydrated. We often lose sight of the fact that we need more hydration while swimming or when surrounded by lakes and oceans!

4. Obey all beach safety rules—they pertain to tides, pollution or other risks. If there are lifeguards on the beach, park your family close by in the event of an emergency!

5. Sun damage occurs more often at or near bodies of water, so make sure you ha