Postcard from Bali

London mom Claudine Lambotte d’Arcangelo takes us on a tour of the idyllic Pacific island

Danny Kaye once sang: “Somewhere off the coast of Java fell a little piece of lava that grew up to be the island know as Ba-li!” That not-so-little piece of lava is the vacation spot of choice for Claudine Lambotte d’Arcangelo, a London-based mother of three. “People are very friendly and relaxed, and the nature is so beautiful and varied….a big change from London life,” she tells us.
A tapestry of senses and experiences, Bali is like no other place in the world. Here you truly can eat, pray, and love…not to mention dance, surf and shop!


The Legian—This luxurious hotel in Seminiak has it all: a great location, plush accommodations, and a dreamy spa, all within a stone’s throw of the best shops and nightlife.


Kudeta—the well-heeled islanders head here for legendary theme parties in which they dance the night away with the help of the best international DJs. But during the day, you can take the kids to this great, open spot for pizza and other fare.


Body surf on Kuta Beach. Your kids can emulate the expert Aussie surfers. If you’re up to it, try a surfing lesson for yourself too!