Kaffe 1668


Address: 275 Greenwich Street, New York, US
Website: www.kaffe1668.com
Phone: 212 693 3750

Kaffe 1668 is a neighborhood cafe for on-the-go regulars, which for the coffee obsessed, gets the details right. Espresso is single-origin, and the drip coffee is prepared by the famously rare Clover machine, which controls coffee temperature to the exact degree. Just don’t try asking for a pumpkin space latte (or even a cappuccino). These traditionalist barristers refuse to dilute the flavor of they perfect cups. New York mom Amanda Price loves the spot: “best coffee in NYC,” she says. She also notes an unexpected benefit of the clover machine for moms: “the coffee is the perfect temperature so you can drink it immediately without worrying about burning your hands or your baby.”