Jill’s Corner: Seedlings Group

The Dial-A-Mom for moms, these miracle-workers help with all your parenting needs

I don’t drive. I can—technically. But as a die-hard New Yorker, I just don’t do it. Ever. Last summer, while in the country, my husband hired the local football coach to boost my confidence. He showed me how to get to the hospital in the event of an emergency and made me okay with the thought of getting behind the wheel. The most demoralizing element of this odyssey (usually reserved for zitty teenagers) is that any moron can drive—and yet I couldn’t.
Now lets take a look at parenthood—a way bigger challenge, fraught with much more anxiety than a simple ignition key. And yet any doofus can get knocked up and bang out a baby. Now where’s the owner’s manual for that? Who can you call for a confidence crisis building session, for tips, for help?
I have the answer. The Seedlings Group—a team of Ivy League-educated PhD-holders led by Dr. Bronwyn Becker Charlton in New York and Dr. Aliza Pressman in Los Angeles. These saviors come to your home and discuss the issues you might be facing with your newborn (or school-age) critter. And they come with sage advice that nurtures and helps everyone—from celebrities to corporate titans to stay-at-home-moms—with a number of emotional stumbling blocks like language development, potty training, and tantrums. They recommend toys for kids (whatever age they may be) and underscore my mantra that common sense is not so common after all. Seedlings essentially helps you center yourself when perspective is lost. It’s practically the Dial-A-Mom for the mothers—a maternal shrink who can help you reboot and talk you through whatever you’re facing—with brain, humor, and most importantly, a great sense of humor.