Il Cantinori


Address: 32 East 10th Street, New York, US
Phone: 212 673 6044

This neighborhood standby for upscale Italian dining has been open since 1984, a lightyear by New York standards. Serving Tuscan specialities in a rustic space and surrounded by fresh flowers, the restaurant satisfies a steady stream of regulars who come seeking old-fashioned Italian needs on special occasions. West Village mom, Christina Rueger is a partifular friend to Il Cantinori. “This is our home away from home,” she explains. “The owner, managers, and whole staff are like family; they take care of their patrons and the neighborhood as a whole…if you can’t find it on the menu, it is most likely one of the many daily specials.  Whether business lunch, early family dinner, dinner party with friends or late-night wine and dessert, it always fits the bill.”