I Tried the Beyoncé Diamond Scrub

“You got the Beyoncé treatment!” the general manager of luxe Peter Island Resort and Spa, a private island in the British Virgin Islands, exclaimed when I told him I just got back from the spa.

In fact, I did feel pretty #flawless after an afternoon experiencing The Spa at Peter Island’s signature Diamond Anti-Aging Treatment using products from Barcelona-based spa brand Natura Bissé. Even though it’s not actually called “The Beyoncé Scrub,” Queen Bey herself swears by the spa treatment and even uses diamond-infused products at home. “I use a really good moisturizer called Diamond Crème by Natura Bissé,” Beyoncé has said. “It’s really light. I’ve given it [to my friends] a lot, I always turn my friends onto it.”

Diamonds have been a dermatologist’s best friend since the invention of microdermabrasion, a tool which softens fine lines and wrinkles by gently polishing skin with a diamond tip while vacuuming the loosened skin cells away. Now, the bling-worthy ingredient is starting to show up in spa treatments as a gentle exfoliant and in skincare for its light-reflecting properties.

After weeks of working nonstop and an entire winter indoors, I was ready to see if Beyoncé’s spa secret could restore my skin’s sparkle.

Before my treatment began, I got into diva Zen mode by padding around Peter Island’s 10,000-square foot spa and catching a glimpse of the infinity pool and tranquility garden overlooking the ocean.

I settled into my beach-facing treatment room and my therapist began by having me breathe in calming aromatherapy essential oils. As soft music played, she balanced my chakras with gemstones. Next, she slathered black mud and diamond paste on my face and body and massaged me with magnetic tools. The magnets swept away dead cells and didn’t aggravate my ultra-sensitive skin. (But it did make me quake with laughter as the massage migrated to my midsection.) After all traces of the mud were removed, I was treated to relaxing rubdown using diamond-flecked lotion. After that? I don’t really remember, since I dozed off on the massage table.

For the rest of the day, I couldn’t stop stroking my arm—had my skin ever been this smooth before? To seal in even more bliss, I soaked in the outdoor Jacuzzi overlooking a private (and deserted) bay. This is probably what it feels like to be Beyoncé on any given day.