Hötorgshallen Saluhall


Address: Hötorgshallen, 111 57, Stockholm, SE
Website: www.hotorgshallen.se
Phone: +46 8 23 00 01

Stockholm may be the largest metropolis in Sweden, but it definitely embodies a quaint village from the days of yore. Adding to this small-town feeling is Hötorgshallen Saluhall, a marketplace that carriers all the freshest produce and meats. Though it is a large and has myriad vendors and floors, this destination is is unlike those big-chain grocery stores that many of us are accustomed to. Rather than buy prepackaged or frozen goods, residents love going to the a butcher or grocer to get their choice of the finest item that they can serve to their family. “There is exciting stuff like big fishes and other things for kids to look at and you can buy the best ingredients for your dinner and have lunch at one and the same place,” says Mia Seipel.