Grosvenor House Celebrates the Royal Baby

In honor of Will and Kate, one of the premier luxury hotels in London creates an exquisite baby-friendly suite.

Grosvenor House is celebrating the upcoming birth of England’s royal baby by creating a special baby-friendly suite. Don’t doubt that this suite is fit for a king, or at least a duke and duchess: the collection of rooms at the House—one of the finest amongst luxury hotels in London—costs $3,468 per night.

The rooms, formerly one of Grosvenor House’s luxury suites, holds over $40,000 worth of hand-crafted furniture, and includes a nursery. An adjoining suite can be booked for $1,713—ideal for families traveling with a nanny.

Those lucky enough to stay in the suite will have access to a 24-hour baby concierge service, which will take care of everything from finding babysitters to procuring diapers. The suite is “fit for a royal,” says a spokesperson from Grosvenor House. We should hope so!

If you want to celebrate Will and Kate but can’t quite afford the royal baby room, there are still plenty of cheap and cheerful wares celebrating the wedding of this dashing duo.