Gisele Reveals a Pic from Her Wedding & More Celebrity Instagrams of the Week

We’re beginning to think that Ivanka Trump’s daughter may have a promising modeling future ahead. Not only does she photograph beautifully, but she has the perfect little girl style and attitude. Her baby brother may not be far behind, judging from the adorable shot Trump shared this week.

Finally, five years after the fact, Gisele has revealed a wedding photo. Neither she nor Tom look like they’ve aged a day since the nuptials, and we’re just psyched to see snapshots from the happy day after all this time. We are also delighted to get a peek at Nicole Richie’s Instagram feed this week, which featured a darling throwback shot of her and her little one in Paris.

In other Instagram news, we’re pleased to see Rachel Zoe creating quite the iconic look with her fancy Jackie O sunglasses, and while she looks fabulous as always, what we really can’t gush enough about is her little guy’s sparkling blue eyes.