Five Beautiful Gardens

One of the greatest things about the summer season (aside from all the great dresses and jewelry) is all the flora and fauna in full bloom. From the classic roses and hydrangeas to the elaborate birds of paradise and passiflora, the rich and vibrant colors make any outing in the summer sun even more memorable.

Flowers, above all other creations of nature, have been a tremendous source of inspiration for many a fashion designer. Whether it comes in the form of a great print or adorable accessory, both moms and their daughters have always loved to emulate the delicate and pristine quality associated with the world’s most beautiful gardens.

And now that school is almost over and your vacation days are readily available, we could think of no better outdoor adventure than a trip to a location devoted to showcasing the beauty of flowers. Botanical gardens, like animal conservatories, are institutions that collect and exhibit a wide array of plants to preserve them for generations to come. The many walking trails that these gardens have offer families great experiences to acknowledge the splendor that Mother Nature has to offer. Make sure to bring your camera, because you won’t want to miss your little one frolicking among the buds. Click through the slideshow to plan a trip to the one of these five beautiful gardens.