Façonnable and Lollipop Theater Network

Celebrities and guests kicked off their holiday shopping last night in Beverly Hills

Façonnable, the brand that (for me, at least) conjures up images of young, debonair French men enjoying lunch at Club 55 in St. Tropez, hosted a fun evening last night in Beverly Hills to benefit Lollipop Theater Network. LTN’s mission is to bring the magic of newly released films (and often, their stars) to children who are confined to hospitals around the country. It was an honor for me to cohost this event with fellow Lollipop supporters Monica Potter and Billy Bush, who were mingling with Jason Ritter, Jennie Garth, Amy Smart, Carter Oosterhouse and Camille Grammer. The best part of the evening for me? I managed to put hosting duties on pause long enough to make my first Christmas purchase – a cool, navy blue corduroy shirt for my not-so-French-man at home.