Cost-Effective (& Cute!) Birthday Party Ideas to Plan the Perfect Kid’s Bash

Long before they discover Barbie, Bratz and (thank God) Bieber, little girls almost universally fall for the prettiest little mouse in the world–Minnie. And with all the possibilities of decking out your home or party venue with pink-and-black or red-and-white polka dots, it’s the perfect party theme, especially for a toddler girl.

For my daughter’s recent second birthday party, I went all-out with a Minnie Mouse party. And since it comes on the heels of the holidays, when I am already exhausted from all the holiday madness and maxed out on expenses, and because I’ve been known to get a little carried away with details when it comes to party planning, I wanted to do what I could to keep the budget in check. With a little “Pin-spiration,” great online resources, and some organized advance planning, I managed to create a memorable birthday party for my own little mouse.

When it comes to Minnie, the ideas and online finds are vast, so the sky’s the limit depending on what you have time and the budget for. You can also choose your color palate–most popular for Minnie of course is red or pink. Being the pink lady that I am, I opted for a true bubble-gum shade with black and white polka dots