A Chocolate Dessert That Doubles as a Fun Valentine’s Day Activity


What’s not to love about dipping just about anything in chocolate? We’ve already established that it’s one of the best aphrodisiacs, and even that it can be good for your health. So when we think of chocolate fondue, really, we are thinking about more than just a yummy recipe, but also a great Valentine’s Day activity that will make anyone sitting around the table instantly happy.

This recipe from Alina Eisenhauer, owner and executive chef at Sweet Kitchen & Bar in Worcester, Mass, is super easy to make and is great not just for a romantic tête-à-tête, but also for a family night.

“Bittersweet and milk chocolate make this a smooth, creamy fondue with a rich chocolate flavor. For the best results, start with great quality chocolate such as Valrhona, Scarfenberger, or Lindt,” says Alina. “Dip strawberries, seedless clementine, fresh banana chunks, pieces of cake, cookies, cereal treats, pretzels, marshmallows (homemade ones really take it over the top), or any other food you might like to pair with chocolate.”

Chocolate Fondue Recipe
Ganache Ingredients
8 ounces bittersweet chocolate, chunks or chips
6 ounces milk chocolate, chunks or chips
8 ounces heavy cream
2 Tbs. liqueur (such as Grand Marnier, Godiva or Baileys)

1. In a small saucepan, over medium heat, warm the cream until it just simmers. Remove from the heat and stir in the bittersweet and milk chocolates and liqueur (optional) until completely melted and smooth.
2. Serve over a heat source that will keep the fondue warm, but not hot. My favorite is to use a ceramic butter warmer with a tea light candle. They look great, are inexpensive and easy to find online or in stores like The Christmas Tree Shops.