7 Ways to Incorporate This Gorgeous Superfood Into Your Diet Now

Talk about a comeback: Once just a bit of exotic produce kept in the corner with star fruit and persimmons, the humble pomegranate has now taken center stage. The juice is ubiquitous and its flesh flavors everything from salsa and popsicles to granola bars and yogurt. Even the beauty industry is riding the wave by infusing pom essence into lotions, lip balms and body scrubs. And all this fame for a funny looking, leathery-skinned orb that may have played a role in the fall of Eden (apparently it wasn’t a plain ol’ apple that Eve sampled…)

Not only are pomegranates seemingly everywhere, they’re also one of healthiest fruits on the market, thanks to an abundance of antioxidants and vitamin C. Of course, hacking into it can be a challenge, but don’t be put off. Once you’ve unlocked a pomegranate, your future—and your palate—will brighten considerably. Behold, seven fabulous recipes using pomegranate juice, seeds and more, just a click away.