5 Punky Pumpkins

I started by painting each pumpkin with acrylic paint. It gave the skin a leathery look I adored. For this one, I drew a heart lightly with pencil and painted it int. While the paint was still wet, I sprinkled on the red glitter. I repeated these steps with the stem. It’s my favorite!

To carry on with the theme I set forth with the red heart pumpkin, I repeated the process with just the stem to give the pumkins variety.

I had some extra twine lying around, so I wrapped it around the pumpkin. Not sure if it’s punk rock to use twine, but I could wonder the same thing about decorating a pumpkin. Regardless, it looks amazing either alone or with the other pumpkins!

This is another favorite. I splattered so much paint around my office to acheive this look. Jackson Pollack would be proud. I found using toothbrushes gave the best results. This is my kids favorite pumpkin by far. .

Last is the star of the pack. Without measuring, I placed dots around the pumpkin using puff paint. Just when the dot was about to dry, I poked with the puff paint top to give the bubble a sharp-like point. Creates such a dramtic effect. I had to put it center stage.

What’s your favorite? Have fun recreating them this Halloween.