3 Things That Can Help Your Makeup Look Better

3 Things That Can Help Your Makeup Look Better

We can all agree that makeup will never go out of fashion. While the many lockdown restrictions have prompted many to take a greater interest in skincare, the resumption of relative normalcy has given people a reason to fall back in love with makeup. From going out with friends to just going through the motions of daily life, makeup brushes and products are once again being picked up by different individuals everywhere.

However, the pandemic has definitely influenced how we perceive and use makeup. The emergence of skincare on social media has made everyone realize that makeup can only cover up so much—that the health and overall appearance of the skin underneath it all is just as important. 

Another thing that needs to be considered is the emergence of different aesthetics with the rise of social media platforms like TikTok, with the famous Clean Girl Aesthetic being the new trendy look that everyone seems to be going for. While these aesthetics encompass one’s entire appearance, the Clean Girl makeup aesthetic is characterized by looking very fresh and simple, almost replicating the No-Makeup Makeup Look trend of the early 2010s.

These two recent influences to makeup definitely work towards a similar goal, with the emphasis on skincare encouraging more attention towards the base of the makeup and the rise of the Clean Girl Aesthetic calling for the use of minimal products. However, it may be hard to show off your natural youthful glow from within when your makeup doesn’t seem to sit right.

If you find that your makeup looks particularly bumpy or textured, here are a few things that you can try out!

Face Shaving

While men have shaved their faces for many years in order to rid themselves of unwanted facial hair, women never seemed to have a reason to, but that was until recent years when they decided to pick up a razor for themselves. Women everywhere began to experiment with facial shaving techniques after hypothesizing that it was the key to men’s frustratingly youthful complexion even in the later years of their lives. 

However, many have discovered that shaving one’s face was also a great way to ensure a smoother canvas for makeup application. Unbeknownst to many, women actually do have facial hair, albeit much finer and less noticeable than those of men, popularly known as peach fuzz. 

Running a razor carefully over your facial skin can actually get rid of these little strands of hair that could be ruining your makeup look. Along with hair removal, facial shaving also serves as a form of exfoliation that rids of any debris, excess oil or unwanted skin cells from the surface of your skin. When starting off, make sure that you get the proper razor for the job, which are much smaller and more delicate than the conventional razors used by men.

Facial Steaming

While it may sound like something that belongs in your skincare routine, steaming your face is also another great way to create a smoother canvas for your makeup. A good facial steamer can help with the hydration of your skin as the moisture penetrates your skin much more deeply, giving you a glowing complexion for your makeup application.

Along with that, it can also reduce the bumpy texture that you might be seeing by going into your pores and loosening up any dirt, dead skin cells or excess oil that could be buried inside. In that way, a good facial steam can also help combat any emerging pimples or acne breakouts and prevent these from ruining your finished look.

The great thing about it is that you don’t even need to book a session with your facialist. There are many at-home facial steamers that can be found online, which allow you to enjoy a good pampering all in the comfort and privacy of your bedroom.

Facial Rolling

Another trend that has gotten a lot of love from celebrities and social media influencers, facial rolling offers similar benefits to facial steaming as it promotes a healthier appearance by encouraging better blood circulation to the face. Another way that it promotes a brighter look is by distributing skincare ingredients and products more evenly, while also helping these absorb better into the skin.

We’ve learned our lesson that the skin is just as important as the makeup we use to cover it, and facial rolling makes sure that you’re getting the most out of your skincare products. If you have a hydrating moisturizer or a facial serum, spending a few moments with your facial roller tool of choice can help these products go deeper into the skin to enhance its appearance throughout the day.

With everyone deviating away from bold looks to favor more minimalistic makeup, the days of caking on foundation to cover every visible inch of skin are long behind us. Today, makeup is used to enhance the natural appearance of the skin underneath, and that means implementing certain steps to make sure that the complexion is looking its best.

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