How to Get Beachy Waves Just Like Gisele’s, No Matter Your Hair Type

The phrase “beachy waves” implies a carefree, effortlessly sexy mane that epitomizes the wearer’s joie de vivre. It tells of long days spent under the sun and beneath the rays, not cooped up in the bathroom, hairbrush and salt spray in hand, struggling to emulate Gisele Bündchen’s incredible locks in her Heart of Glass cover. Not only did the H&M ad campaign give us a yen for the retailer’s stunning swimsuits and a new appreciation for the multitalented supermodel, it also reminded us that beachy wave season has arrived.

If only that perfectly tousled head of hair were as easy as a trip to the shore. No, we who live in the real world know that the sea breeze and salt water leaves your tresses mangled and tangled and desperately in need of an argan oil mask. Those strategically messy waves you see on the streets of the urban and suburban jungles are the result of smart styling, not recreation.

That said, the windblown, beachy effect we all like to sport throughout the warmer months doesn’t require a ton of time to master. All it takes is carving out ten minutes from your morning routine and knowing your hair, the proper technique and the right products for the job. Click through the slideshow above for a how-to for every hair type.