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Are You Pampering Your Child The Right Way?

Today the new-age parents are pampering their kids in a very over pampered way. This can be dangerous going ahead. Over pampering can make your child a spoilt brat and at the same time, this can make them demanding as hell. Rewarding your child is good but only if they have done something big. If you make a habit of rewarding your child for every small thing, this can lead to the generation of extrinsic motivation, which is not good for a growing child.

Too much pampering is bad for your child. But do you know how much is too much? Well, allowing your kid to play video games for quite a long time can prove to be a hindrance between their study and physical activity time. Hence, this must be avoided.

Moving ahead let’s have a sneak peek at some habits which are just not good from a parent’s point of view. Stop over pampering your child or else this can land you in great trouble.

Things to avoid with your child!

1. Do not praise them for petty reasons

Well, praising your kid is a good thing. This gives them the motivation to move ahead and achieve heights. But overdoing things can be dangerous. If you overpraise your child, they will not like to do anything without praise. They will need praise for each and everything and hence this attitude is just not acceptable in a growing kid. Therefore, shower praises on your kid but in a limited manner. You can even praise them with flowers delivery in Delhi.

2. Have some communication period

Communication in any relationship is a must, whether it is a relationship of a parent and a kid or husband-wife etc. Good communication is the key to solving things and hence gives you clarity about how the other person is taking things on their part.

Communication must be conducted every day, if not for an hour-long, but just for at least 15 minutes. It keeps your relationship alive and hence this way you can build a good connection between you and your child.

3. Do not impose on your kid

Some parents have a very bad habit of imposing things on their kids. This can create a very cranky mood in your kid as they will not be doing what they are willing. At a growing age, a child has a cranky mood and hence this can go severe if you do not let them choose for them.

Every kid demands freedom. Giving it to some extent is good but not in an excessive manner so teach your child good but do not impose on them. Otherwise, they will feel suffocated.

4. Let them say their part

There are many instances in a child’s life when they want to say a lot but couldn’t. Why? Because they fear that either their parents won’t understand them or would scold them. This should not be the case. If you want to bond with your child, first take a step ahead to be their friend. Do not judge or scold them instead learn to listen to what they have to say. This will enable them to explain things well.

This way you will also help your child during anxiety.