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Feb 13, 2014

Model Marisa Miller On Beauty After Baby

The fashion world is in full swing right now, barely halfway through the fall fashion show season stretching from New York to Paris. With their glamorous jobs and gorgeous looks, it’s hard to remember that our favorite top models are also busy moms. So how do they stay on top of it all with their families and little ones, not only jet-setting around for work, but sticking to their beauty regimes and getting back in shape after baby?

We caught up with Sports Illustrated swimsuit babe and Victoria’s Secret angel, Marisa Miller, about modeling and mom-ing at the same time. Her solution has a lot to do with simplifying and relying on those closest to you--plus a little help from modern technology. And as for that stubborn post-baby weight, we love hearing what Marisa had to say about that!

Elizabeth Street: How has your beauty regimen changed since you became a mom?
Marisa Miller: My beauty regimen has changed a lot! It's much more simple now and I have learned to get ready in ten minutes. It's been good for me to not to have time to sweat the small stuff anymore. It helps that I live in a beach town where tousled hair and minimal makeup are welcome!

ES: How do you handle being away from your child (son Gavin is 15-months-old) when you are working a show or on a shoot?
MM: It's still very difficult for me to leave Gavin. Fortunately, my husband is an incredible father and very hands-on. When he's able to watch Gavin when I'm working, it puts me at ease. I also love getting videos and photos during the day of him laughing and smiling so I know he's having fun.

ES: How did you get back in shape and ready for the runway after giving birth?
MM: I took my time losing the weight. I still probably have about five pounds, but I'm keeping it! I used to do a ton of cardio-based workouts but now I just focus more on toning. I love doing Pilates. It has worked great tightening my post-pregnancy abs. 

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By Gaia Guidi Filippi

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