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Staying Home for the Holidays

Dec 13, 2012

ELF ACTIVITY KIT #1 Music: Elf Motion Picture Soundtrack  #2 Craft: Elf Hat napkins #3 Snack: Elf Hat Peppermint Popcorn #4Book: The Elves and the Shoemaker 

TREE ACTIVITY KIT #1 Music: Charlie Brown Chrismas Soundtrack #2 Craft: Simple Chalkboard Christmas Tree #3 Snack: Fruity Christmas Tree  #4 Book: Night Tree Eve 

SNOW ACTIVITY KIT #1 Music: A Holly Jolly Kids Christmas #2 Craft: Snow Globe DIY #3 Snack: Marshmallow Snowman #4 Book: Snow 

TRAIN ACTIVITY KIT  #1 Music: Raffis Christmas Album (skip to track #11: Old Toy Trains) #2 Craft: Tea Box Circus Train #3 Snack: Hot Hot Hot Chocolate #4 Book: The Polar Express (of course!) 

VERY SWEET ACTIVITY KIT #1 Music: Mariah Carey's Merry Christmas #2 Craft: Paper Dot Garland #3 Snack: Candy Cane Christmas Tree Cupcakes #4 Book: Eloise at Christmastime 

Staying Home for the Holidays

I’ve put together these kits to inspire five mornings worth of activites over the winter holiday break. Each kit includes music, a craft, a snack, and a book. It should take about two hours to complete each one. After spending quality time with your kids, you can plop them down in front of the TV with a little less guilt. Here’s how I imagine the morning to go:

Start off by playing the music to get the kids in a festive mood.  With the music still playing, begin crafting. I tried to pick crafts that are extremely kid friendly and fun. Then, it’s snack time! Prepare and enjoy the yummy food together. Not sure what to talk about? These conversation starters look like they might help. When you're done eating, wind things down with a book. Then, if you're lucky, naps for all!  —Sharon Beesley